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Monday, 5 November 2018

(not available) Sony TA-N220 power amp

Made in Japan

Listed under Sony ES series (Audiophile grade components)

Condition: good, minor marks, upgraded to High Current power cord

Specs: 100 watt X 2 RMS BTL
Rosewood side panels
Front input gain volume controls

Whatsapp / call 019 2677 208 Ooi

USJ Subang area

Amari SD-CD3 tube buffer processor

Condition: good, low hours

Tubes: 6SN7 x 2pcs

Asking: RM680

Whatsapp / Call 019 2677 208 Ooi

USJ Subang area

Sunday, 28 October 2018

(not available) Luxman M-03B stereo power amp

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Trio KA-7100D integrated amp JDM

Trio, Pre - Accuphase

Made in Japan (100 volts)

Japan Domestic Market build quality

Comes with 100v power regulator stabiliser

Condition: Collectors' condition, clean, beautiful

* Energetic, lively sound with punchy dynamics and analogue smoothness

Spec: 60 watt x 2, MM phono

* Class-A Dual FET stages

* Dual rail power supplies

* Sounds rich and full, like 80 to 100 watt amps

Asking: RM1380

Whatsapp / Call: Ooi 019 2677 208

USJ Subang area