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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Onkyo SKF-330F satelite speakers

Onkyo 5pcs satelite speakers

Condition: new, original packaging, cables included

Specs: silver colour only, 120 watts, 8 ohms, wall-mount hole + screw hole for mounting on stands (stands not included), solid heavy build

* Smooth, wide, solid sounding with good details and soundstage width

Price: RM249/set

Contact: Ooi 019 2677 208 calls / Whatsapp

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Audio Spec Artery interconnects

Condition: good, minor blemishes

Length: 1.5 meters

Factory terminated with Audio Spec plugs

Asking: RM220 or nearest offer

Contact: Ooi 019 2677 208 calls / Whatsapp

* non bright, smooth neutral tones with tight bass

* solid heavy build from the 1990s

Monday, 16 November 2015

Empire 43 inch stands

Condition: good, well kept, with spikes, beautiful flat black powder coat finish

Top Plate height: 43 inches

Full stand height: 58 inches

Top plate dimensions: approx. 6 inches Wide x 7 inches Deep

Asking: RM280

Courier can be arranged

Contact: Ooi 019 2677 208 calls / Whatsapp

* with neat wire tunnels to conceal cabling

* Smart, stylish, and safer than open plate stands. At least there are two side poles to prevent speakers from falling sideways. Extra heavy base plate for added stability.

* made from solid heavy rigid real steel from the 1990s

Friday, 16 October 2015

North California Audio Labs 51D dipole standmount speakers

"Ultra High Definition" dipole speakers with Front + Rear drivers/tweeters, for 3D soundstage

Handcrafted in USA, Made in USA

Designer: Glenn Stasky (Soundstream Audio)

Finish: same real wood veneer used by Epos, Spendor, Miller & Kreisel (M&K)

Specs: 90db sensitivity, 20-150W, 2pcs 5inch woofer, 2pcs 1cm dome tweeters, 80Hz-20KHz

Dimensions: 19cm (Wide) x 29cm (Deep) x 26.5cm (Tall)

NOS Display unit: RM880/pair (Condition 9/10), negotiable
Demo unit: RM780/pair (Condition 8.5/10), negotiable
Used unit: RM680/pair, negotiable (Condition 7.5/10), with minor scuffs, dings and blemishes
Certain units RM480/pair - 6.5/10 cosmetics, fully working
* Bulk buy discounts for multi-channel setup welcome

New RRP: RM2799/pair

Contact: Ooi 019 2677 208 calls / Whatsapp

* for deep wide 3D soundstage with good slam and smooth, seamless mid-treble

* all rounder suitable for both music and HT

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Remote control for Consonance amp

Not sure which model, Google is your best friend

Condition: as is, tested working

Asking: RM250 nego

Contact: Ooi 019 2677 208 calls / Whatsapp

* aluminium casing, solid heavy build

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Vifa M25W0-55 drivers (10 inch / 25cm)

Made in Denmark

Condition: good, well kept

Asking: RM480/pair

Postage can be arranged

Contact: Ooi 019 2677 208 calls / Whatsapp

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

PSB Alpha Intro LR satellite speakers (NOS)

PSB Loudspeakers (Canada)

1) "5-stars" by Crutchfield,
2) "Editor's Choice" by The Perfect Vision

* Trickle-down technology from the Alpha B model, "award-winners" by The Absolute Sound, excellent reviews by Stereophile

Condition: new "old stocks", open box for display and inspection,
* originally no mounting brackets, NOS after-market brackets sold here:

* satellite speaker stands available, enquiries welcome

Specs: 15 - 80 Watts, One 3/4" Aluminum Dome with Ferrofluid Tweeter, One 3 1/2" Poly Woofer w/ rubber surround, Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms, Dimensions: 4 1/4" x 6 3/4" x 6 1/4"

Price: RM450 per pair, trade/swap (courier can be arranged)

Contact: Ooi 019 2677 208 calls only

* Excellent, no-nonsense speakers suitable for both HT and stereo, coupled with a subwoofer . Smooth, wide, spacious sounding with good stereo separation and clarity

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Fid adjustable pro-audio stands

Solid heavy duty, good for 12 inch woofer pro-audio speakers

Condition: overall good, minor marks and blemishes

* no speaker mounting plates, electronics shops are selling those for a few Ringgit each

Asking: RM90

Contact: Ooi 019 2677 208 calls only


Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Empire 24in to 45in adjustable satellite stands (display)

* One pair, the other stand is in the box, not assembled yet

* with tunnels for hidden wires / internal cabling

Condition: display stock, minor mark, beautiful silver grey colour, full box set

Height: 24 in to 45 in

Dual option speaker mounts:

1) Square plate: 6.6cm x 7.2cm
2) L-shape bracket: refer pic

Asking: RM169 for two stands / one pair

Postage can be arranged

Contact: Ooi 019 2677 208 calls only

* solid heavy metal base plate, good quality stands from the 1990s

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Monster DataLink IDL100 coaxial interconnect

For Transport to DAC, DVD/BDP to AV Amp

Condition: good

Length: 1 meter

Asking: RM90 per cable (few sets available)

Postage can be arranged

Contact: Ooi 019 2677 208 calls only

* For smooth highs, mids and tight bass. Solid weighty cable with original Monster turbine RCA jack, out-performs current entry level stuff by a mile

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Kef 104/2 floorstanding speakers

Made in England

Condition: well kept, beautiful dark oak real wood veneer


Asking: RM2950 or nearest offer, trade/swap

Contact: Ooi 019 2677 208 calls only, please SMS if I'm unable to answer calls

* the original Kef voicing, stage presence, power-enveloping atmosphere (all from a little 25watt per channel amp)

Friday, 9 January 2015

(not available) Infinity Reference EL standmount speakers

not available

California Labs speaker wall brackets (screw-on type)

New Old Stocks from the 1990's. Solid heavy build quality.

Speaker mounting plate (cm): 17 x 11

Wall mounting plate (cm): 11 x 11

Weight limit: 20Kg per speaker

Asking: RM120 ( 2 pcs or 1 pair in the box)

* negotiable on quantity / bulk orders

Postage can be arranged

Contact: Ooi 019 2677 208 calls only, SMS if calls are missed :)

* swivel left to right or top to bottom

* suitable for most bookshelf speakers, large or small

* recommended to screw on the bottom of speakers

Thursday, 8 January 2015

AV Technical, Unipek, Maruni microphones (bulk/lot)

* Selling in bulk, by the lot

New Old Stocks

Solid heavy aluminium body microphones

Asking: RM10 - RM15 each depending on quantity, negotiable

Contact: Ooi 019 2677 208 calls only, SMS if calls are missed :)