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Friday, 16 October 2015

North California Audio Labs 51D dipole standmount speakers

"Ultra High Definition" dipole speakers with Front + Rear drivers/tweeters, for 3D soundstage

Handcrafted in USA, Made in USA

Designer: Glenn Stasky (Soundstream Audio)

Finish: same real wood veneer used by Epos, Spendor, Miller & Kreisel (M&K)

Specs: 90db sensitivity, 20-150W, 2pcs 5inch woofer, 2pcs 1cm dome tweeters, 80Hz-20KHz

Dimensions: 19cm (Wide) x 29cm (Deep) x 26.5cm (Tall)

NOS Display unit: RM880/pair (Condition 9/10), negotiable
Demo unit: RM780/pair (Condition 8.5/10), negotiable
Used unit: RM680/pair, negotiable (Condition 7.5/10), with minor scuffs, dings and blemishes
Certain units RM480/pair - 6.5/10 cosmetics, fully working
* Bulk buy discounts for multi-channel setup welcome

New RRP: RM2799/pair

Contact: Ooi 019 2677 208 calls / Whatsapp

* for deep wide 3D soundstage with good slam and smooth, seamless mid-treble

* all rounder suitable for both music and HT